Commander's Message

The D5 Bridge (outgoing & incoming members) had an organizational meeting on 10 December to discuss what has been accomplished, how to build on those accomplishments and what needs to be accomplished in the future. It was a very productive meeting focusing on a number of excellent ideas. We will continue these types of discussions along with a continuing review of our D5 Committee structure and how these talents/resources can be used most effectively.

As emphasized at the USPS National meeting (2017), we are a boating organization whose members enjoy the camaraderie of boating in a safe manner as well as teach excellent boating related classes/seminars and do VSCs. All of this in addition to our involvement in the community. As Judy and I visit the Squadrons in our District, this is self-evident. All of you are impressive in your individual way. What our members do for the boating community and the D5 boating family is noteworthy and respected. Thank you for your involvement.

Another subject that was broached at the National meeting was uniforms. In D5, as in other Districts, there are varied opinions and use of uniforms from being non-existent to casual to very formal. One size does not fit all.

As I have said many times, the D5 Directory is like a go to menu to find a resource for assistance as a member or as a Squadron. Do not hesitate to use it.

Looking forward to exploring new options and/or revisiting areas that can help our boating community and make it safer on the water. One thing we can do is to reach out to and support paddlers while at the same time, encourage them to join one of our Squadrons. The More the Merrier. We can do this while having fun in the process.

This year’s logo is centered on a Shallop like the one Captain John Smith set out in to explore the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries in June 1608. Captain John Smith chose a Shallop because it could be powered by sail or oars and had a draft less than two feet.

As we get “UNDERWAY” for 2017-2018, I am looking forward to a rewarding and fun year. Wish you fair winds and following seas.

Take Care,